Daddy's Little Princess

Daddy's Little Slutty Princess

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Well since I didn’t do exactly what daddy told me to do…I got punished. 

My punishment consisted of cold showers and two ice cubes in my ass. 

My ass was frozen when they finally melted and my body was very cold and wet due to the water dripping out. 

It was an uncomfortable feeling but I have learned my lesson to do exactly what daddy tells me to do. 

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Another Section of the Merit Badge

Cock worship Badge 

1) Deepthroat Daddy’s cock for 30 seconds straight

2) Worship Daddy’s cock for 40 total hours

3) Lick Daddy’s cock clean after vaginal sex 20 times

4) Complete 5 total hours of Daddy face fucking you

5) Suck Daddy’s cock to completion as he eats each meal of the day once

6) Suck Daddy’s cock while he is driving

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Merit Badge System

Daddy and I were discussing some fun things that we could try with each other. 

One thing that came up that we both said would be fun was to do a merit badge system. I have to do certain things and then get a badge for it like the girl/boy scouts do.  I would have a sexy girl scout outfit and stick my badges on it then proudly wear my outfit around the house. 

We discussed everything and decided what I would be doing. Everything that I posts regarding this merit badge I have agreed to do and will proudly perform/do them for my daddy. 

Here is one badge. 



Ass slut Badge 

1) Wear a buttplug of Daddy’s choosing for an entire weekend, only removing it for bathroom use.

2) Complete 10 total hours of Daddy fucking your ass

3) Hold a 2.25” diameter plug in your tight little ass for 1 hour.

4) Hold all 5 anal beads from Daddy’s toy in your ass for 1 hour.

5) Enjoy 10 anal creampies

6) Take a 12” dildo all the way up your little ass

7) Orgasm with no stimulation other than ass fucking

8) Hold 4 ice cubs in your ass until they melt

9) Hold one peppermint candy in your ass until it is gone 

Daddy’s little Princess

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My toy collection. Yes it is small but I am growing it with the help of my daddy and what he wants me to get. 

My toy collection. Yes it is small but I am growing it with the help of my daddy and what he wants me to get. 

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Daddy and I had a skype date this afternoon. We got to see each other and talk a little. He did let me play myself  while we talked and he gave me some instructions. I had to stick my plug in me, inserted my rabbit and got to fuck myself with that. I had to take it out and lick it clean a couple of times. Then I inserted two fingers and continued playing with myself. I was moaning and getting into it, just wishing that his cock was in me instead of my fingers or my toy. 

I picked up my toy, started using it and imagining that it was his cock that I was sucking on. I asked him for permission to cum and he told me no but I could continue playing with myself. When I asked the first time I took out the toy from my mouth and he told me not to take his cock out of my mouth while asking for permission to cum. When I was at the edge I asked for permission again and he told me that I could cum. I squirmed and moaned louder and came all over my fingers.  When I was done with cumming I licked and sucked my fingers clean…just imaging it that it was his cock that I was cleaning off.

This experience was awesome but I just wished that he was here in person so I wouldn’t have to pretend that my toy was his cock.  If he was here in person, I would have sucked his cock and had it all the way in the back of my throat.  Sucked on his balls, and when I couldn’t contain myself anymore asks if he would slide his cock into my wet pussy. Have him fuck my pussy until we both came really hard. When we were done I would take his cock back into my mouth and sucked it clean and enjoyed the taste of both of us mixed together.  

I thank my daddy for allowing me to cum today.

Cum slut princess